Custom LED Light-panel

Single Color, Dual Color Temperature, RGB and 850nm NIR



Light Panel for backlight Onyx stone and glass.
Custom size and shape with cut-outs make the light panel an excellent choice for backlighting stone counter tops, signs or anything else needing to be backlit. A CAD file in the dwg or dxf format is needed for custom cuts.Our custom light-panels are manufactured in South Korea; turn-a-round time for our light panels is about 10 business days.

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Light Board RGB LED Light panel for backlit signs display case
Many colors and color temperatures are available. Generally, there is no price difference between white, warm white, and color.



Light Panels make an effective Photographic light source


Question: Can LED edge-lit panels be used for photo/video lighting.

Yes, edge-lit panels are a naturally soft light source. Since they operate at 12 or 24-volts a battery will work well as a short-termporary portable power source. For the brightest light source with a high CRI an LED module would be best.


  • Create soft shadows
  • Portable
  • Your choice of 12 or 24-Volt DC so they work well with a battery pack
  • Dimmable


LED Photographic light source LED Photographic light source