High CRI SunLike LED Lighting


SunLike Full Spectrum LED Modules
USA made LED modules are available with Seoul  semiconductor high CRI full-color spectrum SunLike LEDs  Click for datasheet


Light Modules with SunLike LEDs For Places where Color Matters


  • Art
  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Hospital lighting
  • Photography / Videography
  • Wellness / Humancentric


Large LED backlighting module made in the USA
SunLike modules are available in several sizes. Modules are 24-volt DC constant voltage making them easy to connect to a battery or any constant voltage power supply. These LED modules are dimmable


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Seoul semiconductor SunLike LED spectrum. SunLike LEDs create light similar to sunlight. LED modules are assembled in the USA
SunLike LEDs are designed differently from ordinary LEDs [3]
Click for SunLike Module Data Sheet 

SunLike LED modules provide light similar to sunlight. Considering the full-color spectrum of the SunLike LED colors in the products being lighted are shown with the full-color fidelity.

Reduced blue makes the light from a SunLike LED module better for eye health and reduces disruption of the circadian cycle.[1]  Blue-rich light suppresses melatonin and enhances dopamine, serotonin, and cortisol production. [5]  Wavelengths of 460–480 nm are more effective compared to monochromatic light of 555 nm in phase-shifting the human circadian clock. [6]


Seoul Semiconductor is First in the World to Receive Low-Risk Eye Safety Certification for its Natural Light LED SunLike

Eye Safety certification is a rating based on safety from analyzing the LED wavelengths. Blue light can be beneficial to mental health and it can be damaging to the eyes. Blue light has a mood altering effect and can reduce Seasonal Affect Disorder. At the same time, there is some evidence energetic blue light is damaging to some retinal cells thus contributes to AMD and eye fatigue [2][5]. Sunlike LEDs have reduced blue output so is less destructive to the retinal tissue. 

SunLike received the RG-1 grade in Eye Safety certification with its natural light LED. The RG-1 grade is granted to a safe light source for which there is no biological risk, even if our entire lives were spend exposed to the light source.[4]


Blue Light and the human circadian clock




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