LED Edge-lit vs LED Module


Edge-lit LED Light Panel

LED backlighting panels

Edge-lit LED backlight panels are acrylic sheets with LEDs on one or more edges. Also known as light sheets, light panel and light pads this product is a good light source for backlighting just about anything. Our backlighting panels are NOT from China but are a quality product of South Korea and are UL listed. In many cases, custom panel delivery can be made in just 10-days or less.

You can use $75/ square foot when calculating the cost of your lighting project; it can cost more or less but this is a good ball-park number.

A few of the most common uses are listed below:

  • Signs
  • Light-box
  • Onyx countertop
  • Translucent stone, man-made countertop material and glass
  • Photography / video lighting
  • DIY architectural light source
  • Lighted wall





LED Module

Backlighting Lumen, onyx and all translucent materials

LED modules are aluminum printed circuit boards with LEDs on one face. Modules can be brighter than edge-lit panels but they both can perform similar tasks; they are both sources of lighting and can be used as a main light or a backlight. The LED modules are a UL listed component to UL8750 standards and one ~12×12-inch [296x296mm] module can produce ~14,000-lumen. The modules can have a single color or up to 3 colors and you have a choice of several color temperatures. Our LED modules are produced in Shreveport Louisiana.

Some uses are listed below:

  • Photography | videography, CRI 90+
  • Custom architectural light source [Dimming capable]
  • Grow light
  • Lightbox
  • Signage
  • Lighted Wall


We have several stocked sizes and brightness to choose from.




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