Large LED Modules


RGB LED Modules for architectural lighting, signs, horticultural
Several colors and shades of white are available including IR and UV. Modules with 1 to 3 colors can be ordered to your specifications.
LED Backlight Module made in USA

1, 2, and 3 color LED (non-video) modules are available in red, green, blue, and white and in several color temperatures. 2 and 3 color modules make possible a range of colors or color temperatures by varying the brightness of each color. For example, if you have a 2 color LED module that contains 3,200K and 6,500K LEDs, you can select either of these two color temperatures or any color temperature in-between. 3 color LED modules can have LEDs in color or in any of several shades of white. Our LED modules can be dimmed.

LED Backlight Modules [ LED tiles ]for signs, industrial lighting, lighted wall and stained glass
LED Backlight Modules also known as LED tiles work well for signs, industrial lighting, lighted wall and stained glass
Large LED modules made in South Korea are available in many sizes and colors. Modules, sometimes called LED tiles, can have one, two, three, or four colors per module such as high CRI white, red, green, blue, IR (Infra-Red) and UV (Ultra-violet).

Many of our LED modules can be field cut to smaller sizes making it easy to create custom LED lighting. Modules work well in-store displays, lightboxes, backlighting stone countertops and custom lighting.

Please see our data sheet for module description and cutting information.

Now Available – High CRI

Full spectrum SunLike LED modules

SunLike Series LEDs from Seoul Semiconductor Deliver Natural Spectrum Human-Centric Lighting Sources for Lighting Designers

  • High Color Quality with CRI Min.95 (R9>85)
  • Seoul Semiconductor First in the World to Receive Low-Risk Eye Safety Certification for its Natural Light LED SunLike [RG-1 grade in Eye Safety certification]
  • SunLike Series LEDs are the world’s first natural spectrum LEDs, producing light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight
  • Interest is growing in human-centric lighting and the effects of light on human biorhythms.

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SunLike LEDs, full spectrum LED
LED Modules containing Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike LEDs provide a very high CRI with a Ra of 97 and R9 of 93. SunLike LEDs are safer for eyes since the blue part of the spectrum is much less than ordinary cool white LEDs.
High CRI LED Module
SunLike LEDs have a color spectrum similar to that of sunlight. High CRI full spectrum light gives accurate color rendition.
Common uses for LED modules include:
  • Grow Light
  • Photography / Video
  • Ceiling Troffer
  • Signs
  • Architectural lighting
  • Retail displays
  • Back-lighting stone, stained glass
  • Faux skylight
  • Faux windows
  • Lighted wall
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Custom light fixtures and retrofit applications
  • High bay lighting
Attributes of our Premium LED modules:
  • Life [LD 70] 100,000 + hours (See Data Sheet)
  • Only name brand LEDs
  • Aluminum for optimum heat management
  • Energy efficient
  • Dimming
  • Low voltage (24vdc)
  • Up to 100-watt LED Modules are available with ~9,800+ lumen
  • Modules simplify custom lightbox and luminaire design
  • No periodic maintenance
  • No noise
  • 0.28-inch (7mm) overall height
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Simple bare wire connections
  • Colors available: ~3,000K, ~4,000K, ~5,000K, ~6,500K, Red, Green, Blue, IR, UV

Our modules have simple push-in connectors making it easy to create a large custom light source. Modules are low voltage 24-volt DC (other voltages are available), constant voltage type so adding or subtracting modules from your lighting array will not require a power supply change as with constant current modules.